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Minotaur Madness Multivitamin and Minerals
  • Minotaur Madness Multivitamin and Minerals

    SKU: 0014

    Minotaur Madness Daily Multivitamin and Minerals, 60 capsules. Short-dated.  Safe and fully effective until 03/2022.  Buy one and get one free while supplies last!


    With our busy lifestyles, it is often easy to neglect and maintain a proper diet.  Poor nutrition is detrimental to your Health, Physique, Fitness and Lifestyle goals.  Compound that with intense workouts and our bodies could be in a serious deficit.  That's where Minotaur Madness comes in.  Intended to serve as a dietary supplement, Minotaur Madness is stacked with all the properly dosed vitamins, dietary minerals, and other nutritional elements vital for good health.  Designed for active lifestyles.



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