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Increase Strength

Boost Muscular Endurance

Train with Greater Intensity

Boost Intra-Muscular Carnosine

As an anabolic fuel BETA-ALANINE provides the stimulus to increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays in muscular fatigue, allowing you to push through every workout by providing the fuel to accelerate maximal workout power.  BETA-ALANINE is a non-essential amino acid that has been shown in research to increase muscular Carnosine concentrations. Carnosine is contained in both slow and fast twitch muscles fibers and is responsible for buffering the pH levels in your body.


By promoting high intra-muscular Carnosine concentrations, BETA-ALANINE acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) production and works to reduce intra-muscular acidification created by intense exercise and heavy training. In simple terms this means that BETA-ALANINE helps to buffer the pH levels in your muscles, preventing the acidity that occurs during exercise. A decrease in the pH balance or increase in muscular acidity leads to that muscle burn you’ll experience which often prevents gains. BETA-ALANINE provides the stimulus to push through this.

With BETA-ALANINE your training threshold is increased and your limitations can finally be broken down. BETA-ALANINE can help increase your training capacity allowing you to train harder, stronger and longer than your last workout.  To describe it quickly; improved endurance = improved gains.


Strength & Power
ATP Muscle Endurance
Muscle Growth and Volumizer*

Creatine can fuel your workouts, promoting improved muscle gains, increased strength, performance and recovery.  Creatine Monohydrate is the most heavily researched and trusted form of Creatine, backed by hundreds of studies. No other form of Creatine has been shown to be more effective over time. Safety, and proven efficacy. The reason JesusJuice uses Creatine Monohydrate over other new to the market fad Creatines.

ATP is the form of energy that is used by the muscles in anaerobic activity (explosive movements that happen too quick to use oxygen as energy). This is what makes Creatine ideal for most athletes. By consuming a Creatine supplement, an athlete can create an environment in their cells where there is an abundance of Creatine phosphate available, which allows for rapid replenishment of ATP. This leads to a readily available energy source so that the muscle is able to recuperate its energy much quicker and perform more work in a shorter time period.  Muscles have a fuller, larger appearance when the body is supplemented with Creatine.


Increase Energy and Endurance

NO Production (PUMP)

Citrulline can modulate enzymes involved in glycogen breakdown, glycogenolysis, and enzymes that convert glucose to ATP through glycolysis. This action shifts muscle from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism, reducing the rate at which the body uses up ATP and phosphocreatine, while also accelerating their replenishment. This means more energy is available to the muscles for longer working sets, a reduction in muscle fatigue and longer cardio sessions!

Citrulline may help restore muscle protein synthesis rates and muscular function simply by improving nitrogen balance and encouraging use of amino acids—particularly BCAA in muscles during exercise. Improved nitrogen retention and presence of BCAA helps signal the mTOR pathway of protein synthesis.

Citrulline increases plasma levels of L-arginine in a dose-dependent manner. It has been shown that supplementing with Citrulline Malate can help increase the levels of L-Arginine, which in turn allows for more availability of L-Arginine for the NOS pathway of NO production. More NO means greater blood flow and better nutrient delivery to working muscles.


Precursor to the production of Creatine

Improves Immune Function


ARGININE has long been touted by research scientists and bodybuilders as one of the best, most effective ingredients on the market today. It has been included in virtually every top pre-workout supplement as the primary ingredient.

Recent University level research confirms ARGININE's ability to act as a natural precursor to Creatine synthesis in the body.
It has also been shown to increase natural levels of Growth Hormones and increase the body's ability to consume and utilize oxygen, primarily due to its ability to increase levels of NITRIC OXIDE which increases VASODILATION.  L-Arginine is very important for producing natural growth hormone and will more than likely elevate your HGH levels to thresholds that are prime for building muscle mass, long after your workout is over.


It has been shown to counter heart disease and aids in blood pressure regulation while also improves insulin sensitivity to help normalize blood sugar.  Furthermore it bolsters the immune system, boosts energy, increases lean muscle, and promotes reproductive health.  It has been deemed a natural alternative to Viagra due to it's blood flood properties, to a much lesser degree so no worries in the gym!


Improve Mental Focus
Potent Energy Source
Improve Body Composition

Reduces muscle cramps

As a non-essential amino acid, TAURINE is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body which can be found in the central nervous system, white blood cells, the brain and skeletal muscles. It can help improve exercise performance and body composition, while also reducing muscle cramps.

Similar to Glutamine, TAURINE can also be considered a conditionally essential amino acid as during times of extreme physical exhaustion the body does not produce enough and supplementation is required.  TAURINE acts as a metabolic transmitter and is important for brain metabolism. It stabilizes the heartbeat as it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter; which helps to improve focus during training. It may also help to stabilize the cell membranes in the brain and heart.

TAURINE regulates water and mineral salts in the blood. It maintains movement of potassium, magnesium and sodium across the cell membranes and regulates ion balance between cells. Due to its ability to regulate electrolytes it may play a role in preventing muscle cramping.TAURINE also plays a role in muscle contraction, where it enhances the ability of the muscles to generate force by increasing the uptake and release of calcium ions.

A clinical trial in which overweight and obese men were given TAURINE for 7 weeks participants experienced a significant reduction in serum fatty acid levels, and overall reduction in bodyweight. It was hypothesized that TAURINE may enhance fat metabolism by aiding in the proper functioning of the digestive system. TAURINE is a key ingredient in bile and is required for fat digestion.  Another study conducted on the link between TAURINE deficiency and obesity in mice had researchers finding that an increase in TAURINE in the body led to a greater rate of energy usage and reduction in the build up of fat. This study could lead to promising new research on TAURINE’s ability to play a role in the prevention of obesity.


Energy (stimulant)

Endurance (delays fatigue)

Thermo genic

Caffeine is an alkaloid and it's found in guarana, kola nuts, coffee, tea and cocoa beans. It is the most popular drug in the world and is a powerful stimulant to the Central Nervous System. After caffeine is consumed it is absorbed into the bloodstream and other body tissues. Tolerance can be based off of frequency of use where some needing ten minutes where others it takes about half an hour to experience peak concentration in the body.

Many studies have been conducted on Caffeine's role in the gym. It has been found to have a positive effect on improving athletic performance. Specifically, during endurance exercise supplementing with caffeine has been shown to delay fatigue and improve endurance performance. The studies conducted on caffeine's effects during shorter-term exercises such as strength training have also proved to be positive in the ability to help increase work output.


Important Amino Acid

Increases other Amino Acid Absorption

Improves Alertness, Mental Health

Neurotransmitter Production Aid

Tyrosine is one of the most important amino acids.  It is used in the synthesis of structural proteins and is also important because it is used in the production of neurotransmitters. Dietary sources of tyrosine are dairy products, meat, eggs, fish and oats. Tyrosine was found to be an essential building block of key hormones. 

Tyrosine is involved in so many vital functions that it is considered to be all purpose amino acid. The body tries to manage and balance the level of tyrosine, depending on the life circumstances of the individual. The high level of stress on a daily basis may result in the depletion of tyrosine from the body. Tyrosine can reduce depression and mood disorders. Tyrosine can also be effective in making strong muscles.

Detailed studies of its presence in the human body and its function revealed that it plays a very important role in conveying signals throughout the body. The body uses tyrosine to make chemical messengers, playing an important role in generating neurotransmitters which are involved in the mental alertness.

Tyrosine also increases the absorption of necessary amino acids, an added edge in bodybuilding. Tyrosine is seen in playing its part in the production of dopamine and epinephrine.  It is beneficial in protecting the nerve cells from several different toxins; these toxins destroy the nerve endings which result in decreased alertness.


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